Priorclaves Large Capacity Q63 Series Autoclave Will Make Its Debut At Lab 07 At The Excel Centre In October

The latter, which has already made significant impact across the globe, is making its debut at the show.

All models from the range feature the unique BioCote® anti-microbial coating, effective against microbial growth on working surfaces and a valuable second line of defence in the fight against cross-infection in the laboratory. They are the only autoclaves able to render micro-organisms harmless even when turned off!

Priorclave have many years experience in supplying autoclaves to laboratories with industry wide applications, manufacturing and supplying varying models from 40L capacity Bench Top to Rectangular models of 700L capacities and above.

All models employ their sophisticated and versatile TACTROL® microprocessor control system allowing all types of use from simple to complex cycles.

Priorclave’s Paul Richardson and Lee Oakley will be on hand to talk about the range and to help you find the ideal solution to all your autoclaving needs.

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